The process of installing your custom home theater system starts with a collaboration between the customer and one of Technology Interiors professional design experts. Each project has unique requirements dependent on the entertaining and lifestyle needs of the client and the environment where the system will be installed.

A thorough interview can answer many questions about the kind of components that will make up a home theater setup. Is this a new construction or will installation be in an existing structure? What are the budget considerations of the customer? Are they looking for home audio, home video, surround sound speakers or will it be an entire integrated media collection?

Would the client like the home theater components hidden from view or would they prefer the system to be attractively displayed in the room? Are there architects, contractors or interior designers involved in the project? Once Technology Interiors determines your needs we can begin engineering a system with the features that will satisfy your dreams of a home theater system.



In the next step of the process our experienced home theater installation specialists go to work to draw up a plan for the proper interface between each component of your system. Every wire and cable needs to be mapped out behind walls, floors, and ceilings and analyzed to ensure that the system is engineered correctly. If any subcontractors such as carpenters or electricians are involved they need to be informed of the system requirements so that the home theater installation process goes smoothly.

Our expert technicians create a pre-wire plan so that all cables and wires involved can be properly marked and installed before the components arrive on site.



At this point in the process our expert installation specialist will deliver the home theater system components to be properly placed and quality home theater installation by Technology Interiors of Indy connected to the appropriate cables and controls.

Depending on the complexity of the design, Technology Interiors can usually install entire home theater systems in one day. Initial system testing takes place and the setup is programmed and fine-tuned to the customized needs of the client.

Once fine tuning is complete we instruct the new home theater owner in the proper use of their new control system. Our talented, knowledgeable system designers carefully plan out easy to use control systems that are a pleasure to operate.

As home theater installation specialist, we bring our expertise and experience to work for you to design a setup that is just right. From modest home audio or home video systems, to high-end, state of the art multi-media home theater systems, the highly trained installers at Technology Interiors can create and install an easy to operate, beautiful, reliable, high performance system that will provide years of viewing and listening pleasure.

A call today to our Indianapolis Home Theater Design Center can begin the process of installing the home theater system that you have been dreaming of owning.

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