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Home Theater

INDY’S BEST QUALITY HOME THEATER DESIGN AND INSTALLATION Technology Interiors is a locally owned electronics company specializing in custom home…

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Acoustic Treatments

FIBER OPTICS With premium acoustic materials and fiber optic technology, star panel offers the best quality for the best value….

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Commercial Application

Network integration of building functions, energy management for efficiency, and smart building technology for employees / guests convenience.

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Home Networking

Creating a digital home backbone for boosted cellular systems, phone systems, Intercom service, and security systems. Technology Interiors offers a…

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Smart Home Automation

Imagine coming home to a household that can anticipate every need of you, your family and anybody else who you…

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Home Security

Offering elite technology from ELAN, Logitech, Lutron, Just Add Power, and Sonos, Technology Interiors features mobile IOS and Apple apps,…

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